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Instructions for setting up and maintaining your fish tank / aquarium

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

You've bought your fantastic NEON fish tank and need the know how on how to set it up and get it running smoothly. Here's a set of instructions on setting up, starting and maintaining your fish tank.

Blacktown Pet & Produce

Rinse your ceramic ring filter media (supports large populations of water purifying bacteria), open the bag and lay rings down along the bottom of the top filter box.

Lay down as many rings as will fit under the spray bar, leaving some room for filter mat to go on top of the rings and under the spray bar.

The water return (clear elbow) attachment should be pushed right up into the base of the filter outlet hole.

Insert pump support bracket into the hole next to the filter box and turn so that it locks to place.

Join elbow to the spray bar and insert elbow into the pump so that spray bar lies across the top of the filter box.

Angle spray bar so that spray covers media as much as possible.

The venturi air intake hose can be attached to the pump outlet nipple on the side of the pump. Remove plastic nipple cap first. Feed hose out of the water and open the intake cap, so that air can flow in. The flow of water will drag air down the hose and into the tank.

Rinse gravel thoroughly and place in tank.

Fill up the tank to a point above the pump but below the filter box. Pump must be submersed otherwise it will not work.

Add dechlorinator and salt as required. Start the pump.

Wait 24 to 48 hours before putting fish into the tank.

Please note that the filter will mature as filter bacteria start to populate the filter. The filter bacterial population will become more numerous with time and will grow in line with the number and size of fish in the tank.

The number and size of fish that a tank will support depends on size of filter and tank, and how correctly you feed the fish and maintain the tank.

It is really important to start building up your fish population slowly. This will allow the filter bacterial population time to develop in tandem with the amount of excrement produced by the fish.

Too many fish, or large fish added too soon, will release a quantity of excrement in excess of what the bacteria can consume. This leads to water pollution and can stress the fish leading to illness.

So start with very few fish and build up your fish stock slowly.

Overfeeding fish leads to poor water quality and poor fish health.

It is very important to gravel clean your tank using a siphon type gravel cleaner. You should clean gravel and water change at a frequency that will depend on tank size, number of fish, size of fish and quantity of feed being fed to the fish.

We offer a one year warranty on all parts. This includes leakage but not cracks. Should a part malfunction, switch off electricity. Power chords should go down and then head upwards before plug and socket, so that in case water drips down the chord, the water won’t be able run up into the wall socket.

Please contact us should you require any further information.

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