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NEON 65L Glass Fish Tank Aquarium w/ Pump, Top Filter & LED Light
  • NEON 65L Glass Fish Tank Aquarium w/ Pump, Top Filter & LED Light


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    A great, mid-sized aquarium setup that will make a nice home for a collection of smaller fish varieties, such as guppies, tetras, mollies, and dwarf species. A good starting point for those wanting to get into fish keeping without a large commitment. This tank provides a pleasant and intriguing feature in the home or workspace without the bulk.


    The construction of the tank is excellent: high-quality automobile-grade glass that is crystal clear with none of the green or grey hues often seen in glass; the top canopy keeps the tank safely covered, with durable plastic and heavy-duty hinges; the combination blue and white LED light will illuminate your fish perfectly; and the large top filter with powerful pump and air intake will maintain excellent water quality with minimal noise.


    Product Specifications:

    • NEON 65
    • Tank Dimensions (cm):  58cm (L) x 29cm (W) x 50cm (H)
    • Total Height (inc. Cabinet): 120 cm
    • Water Capacity: 65 Litres (L)
    • Hood Colour: Black or White
    • Crystal-clear, scratch-resistant, automobile-grade glass with rounded front corners and bowed front pane for seamless, high-definition viewing
    • LED light with blue, red and white colours for brilliant, true-to-life illumination
    • Efficient (16W, 900 L/hr), low-noise internal pump with venturi air intake for ideal water flow and oxygenation
    • Large top filter with spray bar, filter wool, and space for filter media to maintain high water quality
    • Top cover hood with heavy duty hinges and durable plastic mouldings
    • Suits freshwater and marine fish
    • Cabinet sold separately for $79


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