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Auntie Kate's Scratch Mash (Prograin) 20 kg

Auntie Kate's Scratch Mash (Prograin) 20 kg

Avigrain Pro Grain has 15% protein – plant based with lupins, peas and canola not chemicals like urea or using RAM meat or fish meal. It has a wide range of oilseeds providing oils, fats and proteins, with no sorghum and no waste.
Supplemented with hi protein layer crumble, high protein, vitamin and mineral supplement, natural herbal coccidiostat plus grits,


Wheat, Cracked and Whole Corn, Whole and Cracked Peas, Whole and Cracked Lupins, Hi Protiens Layer Crumbles, Millet, Sunflowers, Safflower, Canola and/or grits.

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