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Avigrain Sliced Corn 20 kg

Avigrain Sliced Corn 20 kg

Corn is an important part of a chickens or parrots diet. Cracked or sliced corn is often used by chicken owners to help make their birds egg yolks more rich, in colour and taste.
Corn or maize is used in the diet of poultry, parrots, pigs, sheep, & horses. Corn tends to be lower in protein but a higher energy source than other grains. It is cracked or ground to improve digestability.

Cryptoxanthin is a colour pigment present in corn which helps give egg yolks a yellow colour. It will also give meat chickens a yellow tinge to their meat if a large part of the ration.
Avigrain uses a unique slicing technique to cut the corn rather then crushing it using a rollermill or grinding the corn through a hammer mill.
Avigrain sliced corn has a more uniform kibble then traditional "cracked" corn. The crushing process tend to end up with a bigger variety of particles (from whole grain to dust). Sliced corn is generally less dusty then corn which has been crushed or ground.
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